Random Thought by Mike Cordisco

There is a profound and freeing loneliness that comes with the realization that you are the only person that cares about yourself. When you die, no one will miss you more than you.

Narcissist, I am.

Creative Notes by Mike Cordisco

  • Surround yourself with good influences- creatively and morally

  • Don’t wait. Make something. Now. Today. Everyday.

  • Create what you want. Tell your story.

  • Get involved in your community. You’ll learn something. And build a network.


  • Be nice. Be curious. Praise others.

  • Content v subject matter. The subject of your work is just the gateway to the content. What is the message?

  • Be yourself.

  • It’s ok to embarrass yourself. In fact, it’s necessary. Just learn from it.

  • Help others.

  • HAVE FUN. Otherwise, what’s the point?